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Cardi B Shows Off New Reebok Shoes She Was Gifted


Cardi B Shows Off New Reebok Shoes She Was Gifted

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Cardi B
Cardi B is in love with her new shoes.
Cardi B has received all kinds of amazing gifts since becoming the superstar she is. She’s previously received a lifetime supply of chips and guac, endless bouquet of roses in her name, new cars from Offset and more recently a selection of new heels and handbags from her estranged husband. The latest boujee gift the “Money” rapper has had sent her way are a blinged out, blinding pair of Reeboks.
Cardi B
In the video below you can see Cardi showing off her new kicks and the numerous jewels that adorn the classic shoe. “Should my Reebok sneakers be like this?” she asks in the video. “If I do a collab with Reebok, should it be like this?” The best part of the new gift is that a mini pair was always given for baby Kulture to match her mom when they roll out in style.
Speaking of Cardi B estranged husband Offset, it seems as though they may be getting back together. Cardi B hit up her usual Instagram Live to talk about her current relationship with Offset.
“I’m excited to see about how my love life is. I’m still not wearing a (wedding ring on my) finger, but I would love to work things out and everything. There’s a lot of things that I feel like I can’t do, (but) m****rf****r (Offset) is like, ‘You can do everything and anything’ all the time,” she said.
“I never had nobody push me like that,” she continued. “It’s really good for me now to have somebody that just motivates me and lets me know every day like, ‘You can do anything, you just gotta set your mind (to it).”

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