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Domestic Violence Against Men Episode 2


Domestic Violence Against Men Episode 2

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Domestic Violence Against Men Episode 2
Domestic Violence Against Men Episode 2
Episode 2
My wife said with fury in her voice. Just then, Shade , my five year old daughter’s voice was heard. “Oya, Oya go and meet your papa”, was the next statement that came out of my wife’s mouth.
I watched my crying daughter approach me and my heart melted but instead my wife pulled a chair and rained insults on me while reminding me to attend to our dirty compound hmmm this has turned into a daily routine ever since I lost my job. tears ran down my cheek as I contemplated beating her up but the thought of going to bed hungry that night won’t let me and for the sake of peace .

I quietly got a wrapper, wrapped my daughter behind my back and swept the compound under her stern supervision while she rained insults on me……On top of her voice she said, I regret ever marrying you ..look at my mates all swimming in money, ridding big big cars, tieing expensive wrappers, shoes and bags to match, but look at me ! Me! tide down to dis good for nothing son of a bitch called a husband… And you have the gut too…. How dare u call my mother a bitch , you fat witch..
He interrupted Her
Me witch!! .. I will show u what a witch can do rising up to her feet…dropping the broom he said gibberishly. Baby Boo u need to calm down…
To be cont’d
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