Insight into AMOTEKUN Operational guidebook by Seye Oyeneye, DG DAWN Commission

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Insight into ÀMỌ̀TẸ́KÙN Operational guidebook by Seye Oyeneye, DG DAWN Commission

Our Governors are already working with the legislative houses in the Southwest States in ensuring that ÀMỌ̀TẸ́KÙN be backed by laws within their respective states. Each State will pass a law to support thSeye Oyeneye, DG DAWN Commissione ÀMỌ̀TẸ́KÙN initiative
This is Yoruba land. We do not play Religious Politics.

Every household has traditional worshippers, Christians, and Muslims. There was no order from any of the Southwest States that those to be recruited must present birth certificates issued by churches.

There will be life insurance for each of the operatives. Life insurance is one of the benefits. Also, there will be medical insurance.

Those are some of the things that personnel of ÀMỌ̀TẸ́KÙN will enjoy once they are recruited #Amotekun
The Southwest Governors have executive powers, which they exercised in setting up ÀMỌ̀TẸ́KÙN.

The legal framework that the Federal Government was demanding is already embedded in the constitution.

ÀMỌ̀TẸ́KÙN is not against the Fulani, it is not against the Igbo, it is not against the Ijaw, and it is not against anyone, except the criminals.

Their primary duty is community policing, protecting lives and property of everyone that live in this geographical space.

“Each State in the Region will pass a law to support the ÀMỌ̀TẸ́KÙN initiative”
– Seye Oyeleye, DG, Dawn Commission

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