Is 5G Linked to Coronavirus? Does 5G radiation truly kills people? What you should know about this global pandemic (warning video and Audio)

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Is 5G Linked to Coronavirus? Does 5G radiation truly kills people? What you should know about this global pandemic (warning video and Audio)

Is 5G Linked to Coronavirus? Does 5G radiation truly kills people? What you should know about this global pandemic (warning video and Audio)


Most readers will recognize the name “Wuhan, China” as ground zero from which the Coronavirus allegedly emerged. An interesting fact about Wuhan is that it is one of a number of Chinese cities in which 5G technology is installed. Wuhan became a fully functional 5G pilot city last fall, following the installation of 3000 macro base stations and 27,000 micro base stations.

This interesting video cites a number of incidents that points to a link between operational 5G and the Coronavirus. Narrator (and 5G-fighter) Dana Ashlie cites 60 Gigahertz (Ghz) as the frequency band employed by 5G, whereas its high-bandwidth territory includes a number of different bandwidths (24.25 to 52.6 and 64-86 Ghz). These “millimeter-wave” frequencies are the highest of the three band spectrums involved in a 5G system; lower and mid-range bands aren’t in question—at least, not yet.

Ashlie also cites factors that appear to challenge the assumption that we are dealing with a conventional virus. Such as victims having trouble breathing, coughing without any phlegm, or simply falling over.

Millimeter wave technology encompassed in 5G may be so potentially harmful to humanity that it should never be allowed to be deployed in the United States. Or it may be completely benign, as developers are attempting to assure us. But until testing has been conducted by an independent third party, I’m skeptical.

For readers who would like to dig deeper into COVID-19, or Coronavirus, I recommend recent articles posted by Jon Rappaport, a highly-regarded independent author who maintains that a “large collection of data on the Coronavirus suggests that the illness is harmless and that deaths are caused by 5G.” Articles posted at his website note that symptoms are mild outside of China, except for Italy and South Korea, which have been working on 5G implementation (and Iran, whose 5G exposure is unknown).

What is 5G?

In the world of wireless communication and mobile phones, “G” stands for generation—an indicator of the age and capability of microwave networks.

“1G” was assigned to the first analog devices in the 1980’s, 2G added data to voice in 1993, 3G brought digital broadband and speed increments, and 4G launched in 2009 with very high speeds and real time streaming on wide band frequency.

We now have data transfer, texting, video streaming, global mobile multimedia and integrated wireless.

5G, however, is more than just another step. It can carry 100 times more data
(10 Gigabits/sec) than 4G, and its waves are “ultra high frequency” and “ultra high intensity.”

Why 5G is being rolled out is obvious. As technology evolves, we want to take advantage of it. So-called “smart” homes of the future, where everything is connected and appliances monitor their own well-being will benefit. So will self-driving vehicles and things like remote surgery. And oh yes, downloading movies and animations would be much quicker.

From a corporate viewpoint, it’s a potential $7 trillion industry. So telecom network companies like Verizon and Sprint and manufacturers including Samsung and Ericsson are intent on rolling out their 5G products as fast as possible, as the industry pushes toward connection by 2020 with approximately 21 billion “Internet of Things” items. China is already deploying 5G and Huawei had to be stopped by President Trump from establishing a 5G foothold here (they already have 4G systems in place).

What’s wrong with this?

Plenty. 5G technology has NOT been officially tested, despite strong indications that it could be harmful to humans. Consider:

Hundreds of respected scientists have sounded the alarm about effects on health. “Because 5G towers are going to be so powerful and so close together, it will essentially be like living in a closed radiation chamber 24 hours a day.” Health dangers are especially pronounced for children. This article contains a shocking 77 minute-long film entitled “5G Apocalypse.” Evidence of potential danger was highlighted recently by removal from school property of less dangerous 4G towers after students were diagnosed with cancer.
The American Cancer Society acknowledged the risk from exposure to existing (4G) RF energy technology. Regarding much more powerful 5G, Biochemistry Professor Martin Pall commented that rolling it out without any safety testing whatsoever “has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world”… In 2011 the World Health Organization classified 4G wireless as a group 2B carcinogen. 5G is more than 100 times more powerful than 4G, and operates at frequencies used by the military for assault — similar to directed energy weapons.
Also recently, an informed United Nations employee asked the UN Secretary General to halt the deployment of 5G until appropriate testing has been conducted.

To be continued…


An anonymous WhatsApp user shared a voice note to Nigerians about the 5G warnings listen below..


Angry Chinese citizens destroying 5G masts Watch video below:

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