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In recent times news hit the airwaves of a group by the name Golden Galleon who have been parading themselves as Buccaneers and have notoriously been duping shippers.
We members of Buccaneers Confraternity state as follows;
1) we have no Galleon known as Golden Galleon
2) we are a group of intelligent, well mannered and schooled Nigerians, stationed both locally and internationally
3) we abhor crime of any kind and have in our midst well groom men who have excelled in various profession and industries at home and abroad

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4) we have existed since 1972 and have contributed a lot to the development of our countries and environment we exist.
5) we have ventured into many CSRs helping the disabled, motherless, visiting hospitals and helping the sick with their bills and prescriptions, old people’s homes.
6) we also do free training for students who want to sit for their JAMB exams and WAEC examinations, thereby impacting on our youths amongst others

While we expect people to be gainfully employed and use their educational qualification to enhance and advance themselves, we will like the government to do more in empowering our youths.We do not encourage people to do crime.
We will like to urge the law enforcement agents to clamp down on these miscreants and bring them to justice.
We reiterate, we have nothing to do with these so called Golden Galleon and will like our members to be spared of this negative stigma.

Grand Eye
Brodas Across Nigeria.

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