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Shocking: Boyfriend Kills LASU Final Year Student,Eat her heart For Money Ritual

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Shocking: Boyfriend Kills LASU Final Year Student,Eat her heart For Money Ritual

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Tragedy struck on Christmas eve when the sad news of the death of final year Theatre Arts student of Lagos State University (LASU), Miss Favour Sewanu Oluwabuyikunmi Daley-Oladele was broken to her Parents at their Mowe, Ogun State home.
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She was declared missing on Sunday December 8, when she got a call from her boyfriend, Owolabi Adeeko, also an Ex Student of LASU that same day, when he offered to drop her off in school at LASU.
According to her dad, Mr Daley Oladele, who spoke with UPSHOT on the sad development, they could not reach her again since she left home on that fateful Sunday.
A search party began and her phone was tracked to Ikire by Police detectives, where they found her buried body with the heart and some other vital organs already dismembered.
The police at Mowe Police station where the case was reported confirmed the arrest of the culprit Owolabi Adeeko, Pastor Segun Philips of C& S Church, Ikoyi Ile, near Ikire in Osun State.
Owolabi, a suspected Yahoo Plus member, was said to have confessed that the ‘Prophet’ told him to eat the heart of Miss Favour for Money ritual and Power.
He told the Police that he drove her out of Lagos to Ikire where she was killed on the night of Sunday December 8 after they took some vital organs from her body and buried the remains near Ikire.
The Police has confirmed the arrest of the suspected Yahoo Plus member, Adeeko as well as his mother, Mrs Adeeko, C & S Prophet Segun Philips and some others.
A devastated father of Miss Favour, Pastor Daley Oladele, appealed to well meaning Nigerians to assist the family get justice for their late daughter and pray for the family at this time of their grieve.

#JusticeForFavour: LASU 400L student allegedly killed, eaten by her friend and his mother with the help of a prophet

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A 400 Level Student of Lagos State University [LASU], Ojo, Lagos, Favour Sewani Oluwabuyikunmi Daley-Oladele, has been reportedly murdered, dismembered and eaten by her friend, the friend’s mom in connivance with a prophet.
Reports the Daley-Oladele went missing was first shared on Facebook on 17 December 2019 by one Latifatu-Umar Adeleye, who is believed to be the mother of the deceased.
She wrote,
“Please Good morning Sir, compliment of the season to you and your family. Sir I covet your fatherly prayer for my daughter in her final year at LASU, I have not heard from her since Monday, her phone has been off and not in school or her hostel and she is starting her final exam on Tuesday. Her name is Favour Sewani Oluwabuyikunmi Daley-Oladele.”
Days after the post a Facebook user, Omojola Omotayo, posted an update that the 22-year Theatre Arts student has been used for rituals.
She wrote
FAVOUR SEUN DALEY OLADELE Aged 22yrs, a 400 level theatre art student of LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY(LASU) was gruesomely murdered on the 8th of December 2019 at Ikoyi Ile in Ikire, Osun state.
She came home to see her parents, attended church service on Sunday, while with her parents that Sunday, she received a call from one OWOLABI ADEEKO who was an ex Lagos State University student who asked her to meet with him at an undisclosed location. Favour had told her parents she would be going to school as well as seeing a friend that afternoon this person happen to be OWOLABI ADEEKO whom she met about two months ago.
That same Sunday afternoon she spoke with her father and he wishes her the best of luck in her forthcoming final examination. From then on, everything started happening in quick succession, her phone stopped going through, she did not return calls neither did she call any of her parents to inform them of her arrival at school.
Unknown to the parents she had been murdered by OWOLABI ADEEKO an ex-student of LASU in Collaboration with One prophet SEGUN PHILLIP who happened to be a serial money ritualist practising his satanic trade at Ikoyi Ile in Ikire, Osun state and One Mrs ADEEKO who also happened to be OWOLABI ADEEKO’S mother.
These three people and others gruesomely murdered Favour SEUN DALEY OLADELE. In his confessional statement, OWOLABI ADEEKO admitted inviting her to an undisclosed location before using One black Honda to take her to Fortress hotel at Ikoyi Ile, later that evening OWOLABI ADEEKO and her mother, Mrs ADEEKO lured her to prophet SEGUN PHILLIP place, introduced later as an uncle, Favour was drugged while at the named hotel, Owolabi further stated that by the time they got to prophet Segun PHILLIP’s place she was already tired, the three of them simply put Favour under the tree close to an uncompleted well dug for that purpose, Favours mutilated body was dumped inside that well.
OWOLABI ADEEKO admitted further that he used a pestle to smash FAVOUR’S head while prophet SEGUN PHILLIP admitted that he used a sharp knife to cut Favour’s throat.
Prophet Segun PHILLIP also admitted in his statement that he caught her open, removed her heart and certain parts of Favours body to cook a native stew for OWOLABI ADEEKO’S mother.
Mrs ADEEKO a collaborator in this evil scheme admitted eating the said native stew called (Aseje) so that her family misfortunes can be changed and so that she and her family can become rich. Again it’s important for us to appreciate the good work of the investigating officers but what is most troublesome is that the duo of OWOLABI ADEEKO and prophet SEGUN PHILLIP were boasting that they will soon be released by the police. We are calling on well-meaning Nigerians to demand justice for Favour SEUN DALEY OLADELE, we are calling on Nigeria’s Students to rise up through various medium to demand justice for Favour.
We are calling on good people within LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY to use their position to demand justice for Favour. Favour was said to be pregnant at the time of this incident. Please #justice for Late Favour Seun Daley Oladele and spread the news.
These perpetrators must be brought to face the justice…#justiceforFavour-Oladele Pic attached are that of the suspects and the wicked mother.
The culprits
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Another update from one Adeola Samuel Opeyemi, who has been following up on the case, wrote
Read Below;
My daughter in her final year at LASU, I have not heard from her since Monday, her phone has been off and not in school or her hostel and she is starting her final exam on Tuesday. Her name is Favour Sewani Oluwabuyikunmi Daley-Oladele. I received this from a friend on the 19th December and I followed up her case. Today the below was sent to as the fate of the poor undergraduate
The ritualists have used Favour since on 8th of December, 2019 according to the guy’s confession. They have picked the guy and his mum who retired at corporate Affairs.
The Anthoney General, CP called her husband to Mowe PS now. Three people including the spiritualist have been arrested. Somewhere in Ikire is the Ajale, her husband saw exactly where her remains were buried. So saddened
The guy met her 3 months ago, went to resit his papers in LASU and he needed to do money ritual so he used juju on her, pick up from Mowe on the 8th December 2019. When she told her exams is next Tuesday and she needs to revise with her friends. Her mother answered that why not wait till Monday, follow me to Ikeja then go from there but Favour insisted.
This yahoo Boys are prowling, please take care of your wards.
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