Richie Hilary – My heart beats for you

 Richie Hilary – My heart beats for youRichie Hilary - My heart beats for you

Richie Hilary – My heart beats for you

Riches Hilary is another amazing and talented gospel artist from the south-south, based in Akwa Ibom state.


The gospel music releases her first ever single, making a debut into the gospel music industry with a captivating love song dedicated solely to the man after her heart.


The newest single with the title “My heart beats for You” is composed to pour out her deepest love as expressed in her lyrics for our lord and personal saviour, Jesus Christ.


“My Heart Beats For You” – Riches Hilary , is yet another amazing sound with relatable lyrics that are pleasing to the ears of its listeners and also serve as an avenue for people through the song to also express their profound love for Jesus Christ.


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  1. "My Heart Beats For You" by Riches Hilary is a very soulful song and I love every word of it. She is really talented. The producer did the best job. Thumbs up.

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