5 amazing things you don’t know about “NORMAL” by Tobi shark

As it stands in the music industry & entertainment space as a whole, only one person definitely comes to mind when you hear SHARK ( The fearless biggest fish in sea) and that person is TOBI SHARK

TOBI SHARK (eja nla ni shark) is a Nigeria fast rising & promising act who has been doing music half his life, the most thrilling part of this Artist is the fact that he accept he’s not the most talented out there but yet, he work towards PERFECTION on every music project release

Here’s 5 things you don’t know about Tobi shark newly release “NORMAL” which is currently doing well on digital platforms

1. “Normal” is a record that was kept in archives for months like the rest of Tobi shark unreleased while work was in progress to release a particular song titled “JO” it was never a plan to dropped NORMAL, what changed?


A fan reaction

2. While Tobi shark kept recording songs back to back here and there, the team got bored of waiting and needed some unreleased song of Tobi shark to play with, hence NORMAL became a song that his manager & team use for any content making simply because of the vibe

3. The release of “Normal” was determined by the masses, the fans, The SHARKIANS who fell in love in contents Tobi shark team made with the song & not the usual way where only team make decisions on songs to release

4. With review from Music analyst, creators & executive, NORMAL is projected to be the breakthrough song of Tobi shark, According to them it Meets the standard of how the fans digest & perceive music these days, the type of music they love

5. Normal is a song with some groovy lyrical content, If you are thinking about Nigeria situation too much, just listen to NORMAL, it will relief the pain,

Prescription : listen twice in the morning, afternoon & night😂

Before you go know that Tobi shark has dropped numerous project you can always go back to enjoy

📍 EP ( Estrella the Ep)





If there’s any fashion brand out there looking for Artist to endorse, collaborate or partner with base on artist understanding of fashion sense, They should be kindly refer to Tobi shark, he’s a good artist with a suitable fashion dress style, check pictures below


NORMAL is the new national anthem, listen here and drop review Download here

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