Let’s See How Old You Are: Here are some of our old time favourite snacks, can You Remember This ?

Let’s See How Old You Are: Here are some of our old time favourite snacks, can You Remember This ?

Thursdays can never be complete with a throwback. Today, we look at snacks and confectionaries that were popular some years back. They were in-thing during the 80s and 90s. Apparently, most millennials can relate. So they are obviously not a children anymore. Are we ready for the list? Here we go:

1.Okin Biscuit

There was no other biscuit, Okin biscuit was in a class of its own. It was the go-to snacks for pupils. The four corner one was a personal favaorite. Who can forget?

2. Baba dudu

The mallam who had a small kiosk down the street was a regular customer because he sold ‘baba dudu’, the seet candy that could be as long as you want.

3. Goody goody

I particularly like the advert. It had an interesting sing-along tune. That could not compoare to the chocolatey taste it left in the mouth.

4. Robot/Bazooka/Jenka /Banana chewing gums

They were very affordable. I think about 50k or so per one.  It was a nice feeling chewing after grabbing a couple of them.

5. Cookies

Speedy, Milk Maid, Fishly, Coconut Cookies, Pepper Snacks were in high demand at a time. Can you recall?

6. Krest Bitter Lemon – a soft drink

. Krest Bitter Lemon – a soft drink

Krest bitter lemon is or was a carbonated soft drink flavoured with quinine and lemon. What did it taste like? Have you ever tasted Schweppes? If yes, then you know what Krest Bitter Lemon tasted like. I was even confusing it with the tonic water while putting this article together. What I am however sure of is that the signature bitter taste is produced by a combination of the quinine and the lemon pith used in manufacturing the drink.

The main difference between tonic water and bitter lemon is the addition of lemon juice and rind. If I got the comparison between the Krest bitter lemon and Schweppes wrong, then maybe I am not very old then.

You are very sure of what each tasted like? How is your last born doing?

This was a popular sweet in the 90s made from sugar and shaped into cones. It was pretty cheap at the time and made the perfect snack to munch on when returning from school.

Ojukwu finger

If you were looking for biscuits to satisfy your sweet buds back in the day, Pako biscuits is definitely not your go-to biscuits.

But on those days you’ve eaten your lunch money or you are saving it to buy something else, Pako biscuits is the one biscuits that will satisfy you. Just one pack and drink enough water and you are good for the afternoon.

pako biscuits

This sweet rocked our worlds back in the day. It came with a creamy and chocolate mix and a lot of kids would start with one part of it and finish with the other part. When you’re done, there are other uses for the pack and spoon like dishing your own meal into it and eating from it.


With all the above snacks, one drink most kids always relied on to wash them down was the telephone juice. With telephone juice, you get a toy and a delicious drink all rolled into one.

telephone juice

As a 90s kid, which of these snacks was your favorite?

– Peter madojemu

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