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Dear upcoming artist Lil Action aka Tu-3 has a short Note for you All


Dear upcoming artist Lil Action aka Tu-3 has a short Note for you All

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Letter to those artists out there especially to those upcoming artist  that think that they’ve arrived. They said in their Plastics mind that they’re becoming little popular therefore they are BOSSES and gods to other upcoming youngings ..Therefore that their characters,levels and Mood will change from how they started this hustle shit..therefore that they will no-more relates/replies to the texts and messages of Lil homies out there that are in the same-shit with them too. May i let you mothefuckers out there bragging that you’ve arrived and forgotten that it’s Someone that placed you in that postion you are today, maybe you’ve forgotten that tomorrow is pregnant and the streets too is electrical even a blind/mad man will shock you one day(life is full of surprises) those youngings you called neglects today homie might got YOUR BACK and be your CHRIST tomorrow.If every nigga got each other’s Back, Nobody would fall cause everyone would be each other’s crutches.
I plead you my niggas out there not to take this write-up from me personal, it just the epitome of my soul. It’s time to heal each other’s wounds my homies ..It’s still YOUR homie
(Lil Action aka Tu-3)
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