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Disadvantages of Pepper


Disadvantages of Pepper

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The Disadvantages of Pepper are discussed below.

Pepper is amongst the spices found all over the world and some can’t start or finish a meal without a favourable and unfavourable amount of it in their meal. There are Disadvantages of pepper when excess of it is in our meal.
There are many types of pepper and we all know that some are hot whilst others are not. Examples of hot ones are the: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Komodo Dragon, Naga Viper, e.t.c. and am not gonna bother you with examples of hot or mildly hot ones as what we are interested about is the Disadvantages of Pepper.
From my research, I’ve come to discover Two Disadvantages of Pepper when its in excess in our meal.
1. Dysuria: this is a condition that occur in the urinary tract thereby causing pain while urinating. It is bactericidal and excess of pepper triggers this reaction.
It can be controlled by drinking plenty of water after a peppering meal and if you aren’t aware of this and you have this feeling while urinating, you can still drink plenty of water as it still helps to cool down this painful feeling.
2. Diarrhoea: this involves passing out of watery faeces from your bowel and excess of pepper triggers this as water is not absorbed from the contents of your bowels leading to the watery stool.
The above mentioned Disadvantages of Pepper are mostly common with people that are allergic to pepper as some can put like 3 to 4 teaspoonful of dry and grounded pepper in their meal and still not experience these Disadvantages of Pepper as listed above.
Written by Adegwu Manasseh Odeh
Student of Dept. Of Anatomy College Of Health Science, Benue State University.

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