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Domestic Violence Against Men


Domestic Violence Against Men

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Domestic Violence Against Men
Domestic Violence Against Men
Written by Richie
PC: Oladipo Olatunde Photography
Episode 1
It was indeed a beautiful day as the trees kissed the cool breeze that passed by, when Mr Badmus, popularly known as Baba Sade walked into his compound
Mr Badmus had lost his job as a security guard months ago and since then, life has not been the same. His peaceful home has transformed into hell and his beautiful chubby wife has ripped her mask of pretense, revealing the evil beast in her…

with smiles on his face he walked into the compound to break the news of his first victory over a Ludo game with friends to his beautiful, chubby wife, Mrs Badmus . He never knew that his smile will be cut off as his wife had reached for his clothes and released a thunderous slap on his face for not washing the dishes and her clothes. Stupid man!!!
Your mates are out there making money you are busy parading the entire street..Foolish man!!! Nonsense! be cont’d
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